Friday, August 10, 2007

An Experiment for Global Government

This blog is a part of a three - year experiment starting today that would answer the question.....
How popular really is global government? or world government if you will?

A lot of people all over the world would like to know. So, I decided to take Doctor of Public Adminsitration at the University of the Philippines National College of Public Adminstration and Governance and make global government my doctoral dissertation. By doing so, I wish to put the topic "world government" into the mainstream of an academic discipline in political science, public administration, diplomacy, foreign affairs and governance.

I want to remove the stigma, the taboo associated with the topics : world government or global government. Sometimes, I have noticed that this topic, although very important , is not discussed in a polite conversation. Sometimes, if you talked about it, some people think that you lost your marbles. And so, I would like to grab the bull by the horn by writing a doctoral dissertation about it.

Hopefully, by blazing the trail, a lot of silent advocates for the formation of a global government will come up in the open. Hopefully, this crusade will produce human faces of different hues. Hopefully, to speak of world government will become fashionable.

I know that someday, when this crusade will become popular and fashionable, a lot of people ... leaders, academicians, writers...will talk about it. By then, I will just be contented by the thought that once upon a time, a boy from Marikina Valley grew up to be the leading advocate of a worldwide crusade that was so unpopular at the beginning that some people thought he needs to see a shriek. But when the crusade started to get nice reviews and people all over the world realized that the crusade will potentially save the human race and the the mother earth, this young boy was declared a global hero. Wow, what a nice script. Well, admittedly, this thought drives me. Is this possible? I have to jump into the river to know how deep it is. If I will not do this, who will do this? If not now, when? Somebody has to do the dirty job. A dog has to do what the dog has to do.

So, welcome to the crusade. If we are wrong, at least the whole world knows that we did it in our desire to save the humanity and the mother earth. If we are right, then, let us laugh all the way to the grave. Then, let the future generations of human race rift the harvest of our labor. I dont mind if I lost my face if the potential return is the salvation of the human existence. Am I sounding like an "anti academician", very "undoctoral", well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating...if you can not join the skirmishes of this global crusade, just watch the show from your fence. We are happy that at least you are watching. Its a sign that you care for humanity and the mother earth.

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