Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How Do We Know the Current Feeling of some World Leaders on World Government? Thru "Scholarship Gambit"

The heart of a researcher and advocate is always passionate. They must have the fire in their belly to keep the momentum going. Every advocacy action must be cost efficient.

And so, to test the reaction of global leaders on the formation of world government, I selected 5 top global leaders: the Pope, Bill Gates, Nobel Prize Chairman, UNDP and Rockefeller Brothers. The game plan is to email them a personal letter from me, introducing myself as one of the core groups of the Globalist Manifesto Party, the party with around one million sympathizers worldwide who are pushing for the formation of a global government. I stated in the letter that I am enrolled in the Doctor of Public Administration Program at the University of the Philippines, NCPAG.

My letter to these 5 global leaders is to ask for an "scholarship" because my dessertation is about the World Government. The gambit is very simple: if they dont like the formation of the global government, they can at least support an academic study about it. Or, they may outright dismiss the letter as something crazy?


1. The Nobel Prize has this to say:

Dear Professor Dulay,

"The Nobel Foundation does unfortunately not possess funds for grants of any kind. Owing to the will of Alfred Nobel and the statutes of the Nobel Foundation the object of the Nobel Foundation is to administer the Prize Funds and to distribute the Nobel Prize".

Jonna Petterson
Jonna PettersonInformationsansvarig / Public Relations ManagerNobelstiftelsen / The Nobel FoundationP.O. Box 5232SE-102 45 Stockholm, Sweden

2. Bill Gates answered thru his staff saying that he has other more important priorities to support.(I accidentally erased the letter in my file)

3. The Pope did not answer.

4. UNDP is maybe thinking about it.

5. Rockefeller Brothers did not answer. They probably think its a joke.

As of today, 2 out of 5 responded, although those who responded did not support the dessertation plan.

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