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How Does "The Globalist Manifesto" Stand with Other Concepts About World Government? The "Yahoo Test".

Although "The Globalist Manifesto" is ranking in the Top 10 of the search engines in both Google, Yahoo and Alta Vista over millions of entries in the topic of "formation of world government" and "formation of a global government", we want to know if the Yahoo audience will really pick a "The Globalist Manifesto"- centric answer over all other answers in a Yahoo Answers portion.

Result: They did pick "The Globalist Manifesto" version as the best answer. See the full text below.

Yahoo Question:

Why are most people opposed to a "world government"? From what I gather, most people oppose it. Yet, it would encourage trade, create synergies, do away with redundancies such as diplomatic representations, multiple governments, etc., let alone war and the need for a military.So - what gives?

Additional Details:

Plus, communication and logistics (which limited ancient empires) are no longer an issue.Plus, most serious problems are international, not national. They require international solutions.4 days ago Jun 18, 2007 at 3:32 am -->- 29 answers -

Best Answer - Chosen by AskerAnswer authored by Prof. Dulay:

This question is timely because this will give clarity to the "resistance" on the "formation of a global government".There are different reasons why some people or groups are opposed to the formation of a world government, namely:

1. The ultra nationalist Americans think that the global government might start the end of pax Americana. On the contrary, the global government, might actually perpetuate it because, if we subscribe to the vision of The Globalist Manifesto, a global government will prevent the next world war. If the next world war will be prevented, then, the ranking of world power will remain the same and therefore, the USA will remain to be the only world power... hence, pax Americana will continue even if we have a world government.

2. Countries with small population are opposed to the formation of a global government because, again, based on The Globalist Manifesto's "one person - one vote" principle, they will be overwhelmed by highly populated countries like India, China and Indonesia. What these small countries do not realize is that they will actually be represented in the global congress and their representatives can even become global president and cabinet members. Also, they do not realized that a strong two party system from village level to the global level as envisioned in The Globalist Manifesto, will actually prevent China, India and Indonesia, and any country for that matter, to vote solidly as one people because in a two party system, there are always contending opposite party and a third force on non aligned voters.

3. Some people are afraid of the NWO or conspirators whom they think are pulling the strings from behind in this formation of a global government crusade. Actually, these NWO or conspirator stuff could actually be a myth perpetuated by those who will benefit if they are able to project that they are strong. In reality, the global government, according to The Globalist Manifesto is so big to be manipulated by an individual or a cabal. It is just like the "Russian winter that defeated the human German Army". Life is so short to manipulate such a big global upheaval. In fact, on the contrary, the initial problem of a global government is how to put the 190 something countries together peacefully and the world might be very lucky to muster a strong united political party or group that can put the global government intact, specially on its initial years.

4. Some ultra religious people thinks that the formation of a global government will give way to the emergence of Satanists or Anti Christ ruling the world.The threat is real. But in reality, how can an Anti Christ or a Satanist for instance win the vote of the Christians in a one person, one vote global election as envisioned in The Globalist Manifesto. Also, Muslims, according to their Koran, can never be Anti Christ because they also respect Jesus Christ... in other word, its very un - Koran to fight Christ. The Globalist Manifesto Party was organized to make sure that a Satanists or Anti Christ will find it hard to be prominent in a global political scene, its one of their organizational objectives. And, there are lots of others who will be willing to fight the Satanists or Anti Christ as a group or individuals.

5. Lastly, some anti Jews think that the formation of a global government is a ploy of the Jews. This is not accurate. The crusade for the formation of global government started long time ago. Even the leaders of The Globalist Manifesto crusade which is the leading websites today in Yahoo and Alta Vista Search in the topic of formation of a global government over around 7 million website entries, do not even consider "Jewishness" as their consideration. Most of them are devoted Roman Catholics.



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Thanks everyone. These were some GREAT answers. Took me a while to decide. I think this is the best one.I think I understand the concerns much better. Yet, it will be inevitable. Good luck!

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