Saturday, January 5, 2008

World Government is now discussed in Academic Circle

Few years back, world government is not discussed in polite conversations. But the Globalist Manifesto Party persisted in their advocacy for world government using the world wide web, taking into account that the thinking class of the world can be reached effectively through this emerging technology. Pretty soon, Hillary Clinton talks about the formation of world government. Later, the Russian Foreign Affair Secretary Sergeill Lavrov is endorsing the formation of world government. The Globalist Manifesto Party is happy about the fact that their advocacy is now getting mainstream, but they have to go on... until the world inducts into office the first president of the Global Government.
The next strategy is to make world government as an academic discipline in public administration subjects in colleges and universities - in collegiate, masteral and doctorate levels.
Prof. Toti Dulay of the Globalist Manifesto Party enrolled in the Doctor of Public Administration class at the National College of Public Administration and Governance of the University of the Philippines, the leading university in this predominantly English - speaking Catholic nation.
The first sign of an academic legitimacy of world government as an intellectual discipline was when the paper of Prof. Toti Dulay about World Government was approved by Prof. J.Prospero de Vera lll in the doctoral subject of Public Administration 208. Another paper proposal however about the World Government of Prof. Dulay was rejected by Prof. Danny Reyes saying that World Government is not within the ambit of public administration.
The next semester, Prof. Dulay enrolled again under Prof. Danny Reyes class, as if wanting to prove that world government is an academic discipline under the public adminstration. One Saturday morning of January , in that History of Adminisstrative Thought class of Prof. Reyes, a student Maria Victoria L. Mangaser - Garong was reporting on "Woodrow Wilson on the History of Government, A Passing Fad or Constitutive Framework for His Philisophy of Governance" by Jos C.N.Raadschelders. The reporter said that Wilson believed that state sprung from family which grew into tribe, and into larger territories. This is termed as the "genetic explanation " of state. The reporter even quoted Wilson as saying that "the government is not a machine, but a living thing. It falls not under the universe, but under the theory of organic life." Wilson said that "government is accountable to Darwin and not to Newton".
At this point of the class discussion, Toti Dulay raised an issue: did Wilson stop his genetic explanation of the formation of the state in the level of state? Dulay argued that following the same logic used by Wilson, the genetic march of the formation of the state will lead into the formation of different states into a world government. At this point, the class went wild.
Apparently, the logic is so clear and convincing, yet, it touched on something that is still very very fresh in the academic circle ...the world governement. Student Leo Hernandez agreed on the logic but he said that people of the world will only unite if an outside force from other planets will threaten the very existence of our planet or the humankind. Rey Chang said that the genetic theory of Wilson is happening with the globalization.Dr. Joey Montemayor said that the formation of the world government as already been prophesized in the Bible, but unfortunately, an anti - christ will lead it. Another student argued that world government may happen because of the advent of new technology. One student said that outside planetary threats can be substituted by internal threat to mankind like global warming, terrorism , and nuclear war. One student throw another hypothetical question: if we will have a world government, who will lead it. Toti Dulay decided to remain silent, anxiously awaiting for the final opinion of Prof. Danny Reyes, remembering that he rejected his earlier paper proposal on world government. Finally, Prof. Reyes said that world government might be formed in response to a nuclear disaster being poised by the rough states. He said that nations might unite to prevent this rough states from creating a nuclear disaster. Prof. Reyes even explained that Wilson was the main proponent of the League of Nations and one of the reasons why it did not materialize was because the US Senate failed to ratify the treaty mandating the USA to join the league. Wilson, according to Prof. Reyes, has been at odds with the US Senate at that time. Prof. Reyes even told the class that Toti Dulay wanted to write a paper on world government. If ever Toti Dulay will submit again a proposal to write a paper on world government, will Prof. Reyes approve it this time? This in itself is a good academic discussion.

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